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Evolution of the Canadian Oil and Gas Industry Field Trip

This one day field trip is designed for:

a) oil and gas company non technical staff (legal, land, accounting, IT, human resources and administrative personnel), junior and senior technical staff,

b) oil and gas industry support and financial personnel (petroleum service sector, banking, investment companies, lawyers, etc.) and

c) any individual or group interested in learning about the history of the oil and gas industry in Canada.

GeoHistory’s Evolution of the Oil and Gas Industry is a half day field trip highlighted by a guided tour of the historic Turner Valley Gas Plant. Originally developed by a Professional Geologist, Engineer and historian for non technical and junior technical personnel presently working within and on the periphery of the oil and gas industry, this field trip is customizable to benefit any level of technical expertise, including senior engineers, geologists and geophysicists. During the standard field trip participants learn about the history of the Canadian and global oil and natural gas industry and about the basics of oil and natural gas exploration, development, transportation, processing and marketing. They gain insight into the various technical disciplines (geology, engineering and geophysics) and support disciplines, how they relate to each other and how and why governmental regulation evolved. By the end of the field trip participants will understand the role changing technology has played in shaping our industry and how Alberta’s agricultural based economy evolved into the resource based economy of today. The advanced technical trips include specifics on plant processes, field development, and corporate and regulatory evolution.

In cooperation with Alberta Museums and Historic Sites, GeoHistory Inc. has, as part of its Oil and Gas Essentials course (and various other courses and field trips), been providing both technical and non technical guided tours through and around the historic Turner Valley Gas Plant since 2002.

The Evolution of the Oil and Gas Industry Field Trip is the perfect venue for a departmental, corporate or organizational team building event. Luxury transportation, tour fees, bus drinks and snacks (and lunch if chosen) are included. An afternoon extension to the field trip, which explores the progression of the industry through technological and scientific advancement over the years and a tour of a local modern processing facility is also available. Pricing starts at $225 per person for past GeoHistory participants.

Evolution of the Oil and Gas Industry Field Trip Testimonials:

GeoHistory Testimonials

" Excellent, very informative. "

" An enjoyable experience and very educational - exceeding all of our expectations. "

" Great understanding of both the historical and technical history. Highly recommend. "

" Great day. Excellent info and commentary. Will recommend to others. Thank you. "

" One of the best tours I have been on! "

" Great and unique tour of the Turner Valley Field. "

" Very educational and fun. Thanks! "

" Great knowledge of the history with a technical background to answer tougher questions. "

" Enjoyable. Great history. "

Evolution of the Oil and Gas Industry Field Trip

Calgary to Turner Valley, Alberta

Fall 2020 $275 ($295 with lunch) plus GST $220 ($240 with lunch) ** plus GST Registration Closed

** Special GeoHistory Anniversary Existing Client Appreciation Rate Continued**

Field Trip Location and Times

For exclusive groups, luxury coach transportation departs downtown Calgary at 8:30 am and returns at 1pm without lunch or at 2:30 pm if the Turner Valley lunch option is chosen. For scheduled groups, luxury coach transportation departs the Aspen Landing parking lot adjacent to Shoppers Drug Mart, 210 Aspen Glen Landing SW, Calgary, AB T3H 0N5, at 8:15 am and returns by 1:00 pm without lunch or at 2:30 pm if the Turner Valley lunch option is chosen.